Improve care and resourcing decisions with the NoviGuide platform.

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Point-of-Care Application

Support and empower your frontline clinicians

  • Clinicians rapidly progress through smart assessments, capturing data and generating a printable note
  • Relevant clinical knowledge is foregrounded throughout the assessment
  • Job facilitators such as drug dose calculators and lab result interpretations ease adoption
  • Works online or offline, gathering data and sending it as soon as possible
  • Clinicians can customize logic to the equipment they have available, and report drug stockouts
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Algorithm Architect

Build, review and test clinical logic

  • Use branching logic to open new lines of questioning when danger signs are present
  • Tailor point-of-care guidance to site-specific resource availability
  • Review and edit all assessment content
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Insights Dashboard

Uncover barriers to care

  • Review and respond to reports of stockouts and equipment failures
  • Discover auto-detected patterns of underdiagnosis or overdiagnosis
  • Catch indicators that a facility faces knowledge and resource barriers to care

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From primary care clinics to advanced centers to complex networks of facilities, NoviGuide can improve decision-making, empower clinicians and guide resource allocation.

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