Scaling Quality Healthcare
NoviGuide is a comprehensive clinical decision support platform that brings expertise to the bedside while gathering data to guide system-level interventions.
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ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS WITH the noviguide platform
Create and deploy dynamic, data-rich decision support software.
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Algorithm Architect

Create, design and visualize your decision trees in the Algorithm Architect™. Explore every path, prescription and pop-up. See the effects of changes in equipment profiles and clinical parameters.

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Clinical Knowledge Library

No need to start from scratch. NoviGuide’s knowledge library comes with easy-to-modify clinical pathways that conform to CDS Hooks and HL7 FHIR industry standards for data collection.

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Point-of-Care Application

Place your decision trees into NoviGuide’s fast, field-tested and carefully designed mobile application. Available for both Android and iOS, the Point-of-Care Application provides clinical support as it gathers data.

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Insights Dashboard

Take the guesswork out of quality improvement with the Insights Dashboard. Automated systems highlight clinically significant patterns detected through use of the Point-of-Care application. Respond to broken equipment, stockouts, and epidemiological anomalies in single sites and across a clinical network.

The Point-of-Care application makes life easier for busy clinicians by standardizing care and helping avoid medical errors.
Experts translate best-practice guidelines into decision trees to help frontline clinicians care for patients.
Administrators review the care landscape, revealed by detailed frontline data, and determine where help is needed.
NoviGuide is ready to get to work for you.
Work with us to turn expert guidelines into high-powered decision support algorithms in the Algorithm Architect™.
Empower your clinicians with a cutting-edge Point-of-Care application, available for Android or iOS.
Use data from NoviGuide's Insights Dashboard to drive system-level change.
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