Case Studies
The NoviGuide platform has been tested in the field of neonatal medicine in both Uganda and South Africa. Neonatology — with its contextual, dynamic weight-based drug dosing, algebra-based feeding calculations and interacting diagnoses — inspired numerous design innovations. Clinicians needed to be able to care for babies born at their facility and transferred from home or another clinic. They needed to be able to rapidly assess well-appearing newborns while progressing deliberately through the assessment of sick-appearing and preterm newborns.

But it was not only the newborns who varied. Clinics had varying levels of staff expertise, requiring a platform that could both guide and train. Hospitals had a range of equipment available on site.  Frontline healthcare workers and health system administrators needed to know how to optimize care within real-world constraints while conducting training at the point-of-care.

The result is a NoviGuide platform that is ready to meet the needs of frontline clinicians and health systems eager to scale complex medical interventions in diverse clinical environments
Dr. Mary Muhindo presents her findings on NoviGuide in eastern Uganda. See how NoviGuide empowers frontline staff as both guide and training tool.
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